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Jamal Coleman is one of the most talented artists to come out of the I.E. Remember when Prophet P used to wreck cyphers and drop fire singles? Well now, not only is he doing standup, he’s doing it WELL!!!

11 years in, and consistently makin em laugh by the hundreds every night. Only someone extremely talented could make the transition from music to comedy look easy, and Jamal did exactly that. Drawing inspiration form a diverse list including Bill Hicks, Damon Wayans, George Carlin, Robin Harris, Lenny Bruce, and Richard Pryor, it’s easy to see how he covers a wide range of topics and makes them FUNNY!!!

After bouncing back from illness in 2018, he’s been winning comedy competitions and performing at legendary venues. Then the RoRo hit, effectively derailing live shows. As the country recovers from this pandemic, so is standup comedy. Jamal will be at a venue near you soon. Trust.

Btw, he also instructs 1 on 1 and group rap classes. By the sound of some of the new “music” coming out, a few of y’all need to get at him. Jus sayin…

IG @jamalcolemancomedy
Twitter @chucklenflow

“Miracles follow” – Jamal Coleman

Punchline Kings: Jamal Coleman