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WCS linked up with Neal S., owner of Street Rebirth. Street Rebirth is a clothing, accessory, & sticker company that completely encapsules the culture. “Create, Inspire, & Empower” is their motto. Street Rebirths custom & unique stickers, hats, t-shirts, masks, & more touch on hip-hop icons like Tupac & Nipsey Hu$$le, tv sitcoms from the 90’s, current events, favorite characters like Pokemon, Disney, & sports teams like our L.A. Lakers, literally anything you can think of.
The merch offered truly is for both adults & kids alike.

Neal was born & raised in Los Angeles & grew up having a love & talent for hip hop, rapping & making music, but decided he wanted to become an entrepreneur.
Street Rebirth was born in 2013 & has been growing ever since. Their first set up was in 2013, with a 4 x4 table of merch, whereas today he is taking up space at places like the L.A. County fair filling up a 15×15 display table. Neal has always worked hard & hustled , getting up early & getting ready for events by carefully packing all his merch, tables, etc into his truck and hit all the malls, outdoor events, fairs he could get himself into. Meanwhile, keeping a huge online presence with social media & his website: www.Streetrebirth.com

Customers can choose to have a sticker subscription, and get mailed a surprise pack of stickers every month, or browse for individual items too. Send him a pic of yourself or a loved one & he will customize you into a cartoon. Neal enjoys conversing with everyone on his Instagram, hit him up @streetrebirth

Introducing The Street Rebirth Product Line