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OAKLAND, Calif. (Thurs., February 4, 2021)—Iconic NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, one of the most highly sought-after brand ambassadors and Beastmode Apparel, LLC founder and president, today announced the launch of a premium, crafted cannabis brand-platform. Oakland-made, Dodi™ Blunts will showcase 24kt diamond-infused blunts approved by Lynch himself. Dodi™ Blunts will launch March 2021 at 24 handpicked retailers exclusively in The Bay area.

Marshawn Lynch stated: “I’ve been around dodi most of my life. As I learned more about the business, the financial upside, the good that could be done, and the doors it could open, I knew it was something I needed to be rockin’ with. And at the end of the day, the industry has the ability to raise up Black and Brown communities—and I intend to lift up those who I can. Plus, dodi allows me to share with the world. What gets me (and my fam) in our zone, so others can get on my level.”

For Lynch, Beastmode is more than a style of play…it’s also his approach to business. Dodi™ Blunts represents a new endeavor, in a new category, under a new brand name. Dodi™ Blunts is the latest strategic piece added to a long list of Marshawn’s ownership and private equity/joint ventures that include eSports, sports betting and collectibles, and beverages (alcoholic and non). Dodi™ Blunts, owned by Lynch, is launched in partnership with Toronto-based innovation house 2nd and Goal Ventures.

“Dodi Blunts is launching with the first athlete of Marshawn’s caliber at a moment in time when all the canna-stars are aligning: Sports, Culture and Society, and Politics and Legalization,” said Jeff Goldenberg, 2nd and Goal founding partner. “Dodi Blunts challenges the traditional concept of ‘Game Day’ rituals and hopes to promote and normalize the relationship between sports and cannabis cultures.”

Lynch will work with the best growers and strains to premium-crafted Dodi™ Blunts—open sourced and working with those who have like-minded missions. Fans who indulge in the first run of Dodi™ Blunts will experience the highest, richest potency from palm leaf-wrapped blunts infused with THCa diamonds presented in a reusable blunt tube.

As with everything Lynch does, building on his passion for his Fam First Family Foundation work, there is a community-driven mission built into the Dodi™ Blunts’ DNA. To support its mission to uplift Black and Brown communities—starting with Oakland—and like communities across the country, Dodi™ Blunts is partnering with the Last Prisoner Project (LPP) to help address cannabis-related criminal justice reform.

This mission is deeply personal for many of the LPP team, including its Program Associate Evelyn LaChapelle, who served seven years in federal prison for simply depositing cannabis profits into her bank account, she stated: “Receiving an 87-month sentence for a minor cannabis-related offense and being branded a “felon” will undoubtedly convince you that you are unworthy and undeserving of the life you’ve built. But working with the Last Prisoner Project has allowed me to recognize that I am not a bad person, but that I was the victim of unjust laws and discriminatory policies. Through our work the Last Prisoner Project aims to ensure that every last cannabis prisoner is released and able to rebuild their lives. I am so grateful to Marshawn and Dodi Blunts for further destigmatizing this plant, and for committing to give back to those like myself who have been disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs.”

Fans of Dodi™ Blunts can look forward to launches of Lynch-curated diamond infused blunts; collaborations with like-minded partners;

expanding product categories and exotic strains; accessories and lifestyle apparel. Dodi™ Blunts can be found via the web DodiBlunts.com and Instagram @DodiOakland.

Marshawn Lynch Makes His Boldest Play Yet – Launches Dodi Blunts