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It is only right this interview took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Dr. King spoke truth to power as a civil rights leader in the fight for racial equality by standing up to the status quo through exercising civil disobedience, going on peaceful marches, and delivering passionate speeches. Similarly, reporters speak truth to power as journalists who stand up to the status quo by asking tough questions, holding people accountable, and making widely available facts and information.

They both use their words and actions to serve the greater good and, as a result, enrich the world in which we live. 

I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with one of journalism’s most highly regarded contributors, Mr. Brian Karem. His professional career is just shy of half a century old. The journey that his life as a reporter has taken him on gives him a wealth of experience that undoubtedly surpasses many in their entire lifetimes.

In a conversation with West Coast Styles, Brian discusses his new book, Free the Press: The Death of American Journalism and How to Revive It. He also shows appreciation for those in his profession that came before him and gives a first-hand account of being at the scene of one of the most shocking events in recent history. Check it out!


It Was Written: A WCS Interview with Veteran Reporter Brian Karem