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In a day and age when most artist and producers can cut professional records at home. Frank Nitty is keeping true authentic collaboration and studio vibes alive at the Gritty Ark. Named obviously after the famed “Noah’s Ark” which God tasked Noah with building to preserve creations that had not committed sins against him. The Gritty Ark is serving as a space for artist, producers, and creatives to network, collaborate, and work. I’ve seen people who would other wise be enemies come to this place and speak, respectfully and build powerful relationships. Something that is in my opinion assisting with healing the West Coast.

As of this writing Monday February 7th, 2022 just around midnight. I pulled up to the Ark. When I walked in there was a dope record being cut by Baldacci. The South Los Angeles rapper known for his extensive tattoo art on his face, and his unique voice and skills on the mic. Baldacci is working on his next project “The Face of LA” a double disc album, with some dope features, expected in April 2022. However tonight’s focus is the slapper featuring CNG, Yung Gritty, and Jay R. Frank Nitty being the hustler and businessman that he is, has more than one thing going tonight though. Hip Hop icon and wordsmith Crooked I, was also present shooting a video for his upcoming album. Which was recorded at the Ark. Nothing confirmed officially but it is rumored that there is a collaboration album with him and Joel Ortiz.

The scene is buzzing at the Gritty Ark, and it feels special. Lots of talent running around good energy. Look for more from the Gritty Team. Frank Nitty is definitely a focal point in Hip Hop, someone who pushes boundaries and creates trends. Throughout his career he has always openly supported the Latino Hip Hop community, from promoting shows, to working with Latino rappers and producers. Tonight that narrative can not be even more true. CNG is a young rapper out of Pomona with a nice following, along with Yung Gritty who has been consistent with his growth as an artist and MC, this track seems to be bringing layers of the Latino culture together each with their own lane and style but still able to blend well on a track together its collaboration moments like these that build momentum. Keep it locked!

Crooked I in studio

A night at the Gritty Ark with Crooked I, Baldacci, Yung Gritty, CNG and Frank Nitty