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In a new interview on Tidal with Elliot Wilson, Snoop Dogg claimed that Jay-Z, who has worked with the NFL in selecting halftime performers in recent years, threatened to quit if they didn’t allow this year’s Hip-Hop show.

“It is what it is, so it’s like for him to go to bat for us and tell the NFL, ‘Fuck that. They perform, or I quit,’ that was the most gangster shit out of everything. Then with attire and kneeling and all this … you can’t wear your gang bang shit? Jay-Z hit me like, ‘Wear what the fuck you want to wear. Peace to the Gods.'”

While Jay’s support is admirable and made a difference (the NFL perceived Snoop’s attire as gang-related), the musical performance between the 2nd and 3rd quarters wasn’t without controversy. Kendrick Lamar wasn’t allowed to recite the “po-po” lyric from “Alright,” and, like Snoop mentioned, Eminem caught flack for kneeling in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Snoop Dogg Claims Jay-Z Threatened to Quit if the NFL Didn’t Allow Halftime Performance