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You can’t do a Part 2 of WestCoastRydaz without the man who made it pop -Kurupt Young Gotti! That’s right, before Kurupt came aboard and started feeding us with exclusives, we were just a cool little website. Once Kurupt joined our movement our stock hit the roof and things began to open up for us. Even after I left WCR, Kurupt and I maintained and resumed our friendship and I have probably interviewed him over 15 times since for various publications – I stopped counting after I hit the teen numbers. With this new site it’s only right that Gotti be the one to set off the WCS movement and he gives us some great new information. New Dogg Pound music? An Exclusive feature on the track of a West Coast icon? Watch the video and find out!

Exclusive Interview With Kurupt! Gives Dogg Pound Updates And More!