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Let me take you back to the year of 2006. Through mutual associates I got the number to the legendary DJ Crazy Toones and one night I called him up to introduce myself and explain the WestCoastRydaz website and asked if he would be down for a interview. He agreed and we met near Universal Studios near a parking lot. He wanted to meet me in person first before doing the interview. At the time he was preparing The CT Experience and he wanted to get back in the mixtape game because he wanted to show all of the popular DJ’s at the time, especially the ones on the West Coast, real DJ’ing skills. So that night we met and set up the interview at a car auto shop near Watts and so I arranged for my cameraman DJ Jamar to meet us at that spot so he could tape it for a WestCoastRydaz super exclusive. This video is dear to my heart because just a few years ago DJ Crazy Toones passed away. Over the years after the interview, he and his brother WC would greet me warmly when we would see each other at concerts and events. I am bringing this back to share with you all since a lot of the content from the original WCR is gone but this one survived and I thank God that it did. RIP to the legend DJ Crazy Toones.

WestCoastRydaz Archves: DJ Crazy Toones Video Interview (2006)