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During this new interview with West Coast Styles, Southpaw and Styles chop it up with the legendary MC Eiht and Big Steele, two hosts of the acclaimed Gangster Chronicles podcast. Throughout the nearly hour-long interview, Eiht and Steele cover a lot of ground, from their podcast’s origins to the importance of positively influencing the youth.

In addition to giving Snoop his props as a football coach, Steele rightfully refers to Eiht as a “West Coast Scarface” and stresses second chances. Eiht makes a point of letting listeners know what their podcast’s intentions are, and just as importantly, are not. Listen to these men; they have a lot of wisdom to offer. Experience and education are powerful tools. Big Steele and MC Eiht have both. Check it out!

“Being able to have that connection with kids through football and being a coach, I got another level of respect because they look at me as MC Eiht the rapper, but I get more respect from being Coach Eiht to them.”

WCS Exclusive: MC Eiht & Bigg Steele Talk ‘Gangster Chronicles,’ Youth Football, and Hip-Hop Storytellers