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When West Coast rap is a topic of discussion, there are the usual suspects of names that come up (and rightfully so): Dre, Snoop, Pac, Kendrick, Cube, Quik, Short Dog, Game, Eazy, Ice-T, 40, etc. However, true heads know that the left side has many artists that, while they may not be household names, still made an undeniable mark on the culture of Hip-Hop. And it would be a disservice to music history not to acknowledge their contributions to the game.

Therefore, it’s a requirement West Coast Styles take a moment to chop it up with Carla “CMG” Green of The Conscious Daughters so she can set the record straight on the legacy she and her late partner-in-rhyme Karryl “Special One” Smith put in place. Please make no mistake; they helped blaze a trail that people still follow today. 

Check out the interview below where CMG breaks down the funky expedition that took her from being a self-proclaimed “band baby” to an acclaimed emcee to the head of her label, FAIM. Some stops even include being a game-tester for Tetris and working for George Lucas. (And as tempting as it was, I restrained myself from asking whether she thought Han or Greedo shot first.)

WCS Exclusive: CMG of The Conscious Daughters Checks In for a Classic Interview