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Growing up as a very young teen, I would come from school and turn on the radio to 1580 KDAY AM. Rap music was my new love and that was the station in Los Angeles to hear it. One afternoon they played a song by two fiery MC’s and another who was spitting beats with his mouth. I had to know the name of this group and the station revealed that they were known as The Fat Boys. Not Too long after< I was down at the local Tower Records looking for their record and sure enough I found their newly released album and it became a record I played daily and learned word for word. At school my friends and I would beat box with our mouths and spit lyrics from the album. It was an early part of my hip-hop experience that I will never forget and now decades later here I am interviewing Kool Rock-Ski, the group's surviving member. In this new exclusive, Kool Rock-Ski breaks down the group's biggest hits and much more!


WCS Exclusive: Kool Rock-Ski of The Fat Boys Talks Their Greatest hits & more!