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In an exclusive interview with West Coast Styles, West Coast Hip-Hop veteran Bishop Lamont chops it up with Styles and Shad. Throughout the nearly 90-minute discussion, the seasoned emcee speaks on meeting his Hip-Hop heroes and yet how, like Muhammad Ali, he still sees his most important purpose being uplifting and inspiring others outside of his craft.

Never one to be swayed by money or industry politics, Bishop Lamont is a man of true integrity, and the wisdom he shares in this interview has enough jewels to fill a diamond mine. So whether you are a fan of Hip-Hop or not, please check out this interview to listen to a man with uses music to serve his community and help those in need.

It’s truly inspiring and something from which everyone can benefit. And as the title suggests, this is only the beginning. Check it out below!

WCS Exclusive: Bishop Lamont Interview (Part I)