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After landing a recording contract with Mercury Records, North Carolina’s YAGGFU [an acronym for: You Are Gonna Get Fucked Up (if you)] Front, comprised of Spin4th, D’Ranged & Damaged and Jingle Bel, unleashed the lead single, “Lookin’ For A Contract,” courtesy of their debut studio LP, Action Packed Adventure [1994].

West Coast Styles recently caught up with one third of the crew, Spin4th, also known as Superb Procurer of Ingenious Narrations to the 4th Power, to discuss all things Hip Hop. Also, be on the lookout for new material(s) from Spin, Jingle, and Damage [YAGGFU Front] on all streaming platforms soon!



First things first, last year (August 11th to be exact) marked the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop — What exactly does that mean to and for you?

The 50th is a milestone to me. I remember when I first heard the term Hip Hop – I actually discovered Breakdancing first, then RAP later – I was like, “WHAT is THIS??” I was blown away, completely enamored and fascinated immediately! Hip Hop is my guide to life. I attribute it to me succeeding in all facets of life.

To quote the late, great The Notorious B.I.G., “You never thought that Hip Hop would take it this far!” — Was this something that you ever could’ve imagined?

I was watching one of my favorite movies about a week ago, and right in the beginning of this crazy scene everything went into slow motion and the beginning of (Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s) “It Takes Two” started – “right about noowww, you are about to witness….” – and when the beat dropped all chaos ensued. I was like, “holy smokes that was perfect!” And it made me realize how embedded Hip Hop was into our world culture. A lot of Hip Hop slang has turned into standard terminology in several different languages…it’s wild.

What are some of your fondest, most stand-out moments / memories during your lengthy tenure in this thing called Hip Hop?

Being on stage in front of 40K to 50K people feeling totally at ease. Meeting some of the greats of MUSIC in general like Gene Simmons, Donna Summer, Third World, and so many more. Sitting in studio sessions of songs that would later become classics, getting backstage passes to a Beastie Boys show with Rollins Band on the same bill; that was ILL. Hanging out with the WU before they even dropped the 36 Chambers, Being at a show where I got to hand my mic off to Doug E. Fresh. Being on stage with KRS-One in the ‘90’s!!! Soooo many. And now I chill and hang out with some of the GREATS of Hip Hop listening to music and eatin’ good food. LOL!

That said, what are your future plans and / or goals throughout the remainder of 2024 and beyond?

I’m gonna keep helping my family reach their goals and continue teaching the kids to DJ and use the studio. AND, keep dropping music and wild ideas on the internet.

Switching gears here, what exactly do you want people to get from your music?

Personally, I want people to get inspired and have something to listen to that they can identify with. I love rapping about regular everyday stuff, PLUS fantastic out there escapism. I want people to realize they can just ENJOY what I’m doing and know that maybe they aren’t as isolated as they think they are in life’s dramas and situations.

If you could collaborate with any one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Thats a LOADED question right there…my answer would depend on the time of day…LOL! Right now, I think the Ultramagnetic MC’s. Just a guest verse on any track on Critical Beatdown..LOL!

If you could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose and why?

We’ve already played venues that are long gone. CBGB’s, the original Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill NC, Freaknik! I would have to say…anywhere in Tokyo…anywhere…

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of Hip Hop?

Hip Hop currently is so many different things. Some of them I would NOT call Hip Hop. What’s being called Hip Hop now is controlled by people who DGAF about it, and use the name to promote whatever fills their pockets. I heard someone say Post Malone was Hip Hop. I like some of his music…it is what it is…but it’s NOT Hip Hop in my opinion. I think a lot of music gets associated with the genre because it theoretically generates a lot of money. Real Hip Hop is alive and well, but the energy from the culture standpoint has been corrupted and sold to the highest bidder and used to nefarious purpose. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

What do you feel has and will continue to be the key to your longevity?

I love what I do and I enjoy creating. That simple.

Do you have any other outside / additional (future) aspirations, maybe even completely away from entertainment?

Want to hear my music on TV, movies, product jingles and trailers. Even stuff outside of the States. PLUS, get back seriously into DJ’ing…I miss that.

What’s an average day like for you?

Wake up, get my joints working, go to my office, design and test systems – I’m a Systems Analyst for Clinical / Enterprise applications, i.e., a computer nerd – finish work, create some beats, write a few bars, come up with the next step to the diabolical plan of the week.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans…

Right now, it’s mostly social media at events; I like to blend in and just be a part of the action. I feel weird when people see me as someone doing something special. I like to stand around and talk about things that matter to everybody, and I love identifying with the people around me.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? And, why?

My favorite part is creating and being in a room full of people who just want to bob their heads and recite their favorite lyrics. My least is the times it takes; too much thinking and preparation to just get to that point…if you feel me?

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Be creative and relentless in your endeavors. NO idea is dumb, but the dumber the idea the more confidence and work you need to put in to make it happen. Have FUN!

Looking ahead, say five or maybe even ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

In BETTER shape than I am now, so I can still be on stage rockin’ the mic!!! OR DJ’n.

Is there anything I left out or just plain forgot to mention?

Check out Spin4th on all social media, and your favorite streaming services, and thanks for the interview!


Spin4th [YAGGFU Front]: Guide To Life #HH50

Spin4th [YAGGFU Front]: Guide To Life #HH50

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