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When we interviewed Jayo Felony last month< we were surprised to learn that Jayo Felony was considering recording an album with his now former San Diego rival Mitchy Slick. The two have been at odds for years for things that have gone beyond rap and into the world of street gangs. Jayo, who has grown as a man over the years, revealed that thanks to Xzibit he was able to do some shows with the Strong Arm Steady crew (of which Mitchy belongs to) and the two also took pictures together to show their new solidarity. Now we also had the chance to chop it up with Mitchy Slick, so of course we had to mention Jayo's words and from his reception he seems to be on board with the project. If the two ever come around to doing it, it would be an epic album to say the least. In Los Angeles, Crips and Bloods have been coming together for years but San Diego hasn't broken that ice like L.A. has. It would be big for them. You can watch the video where both artists discuss the hopeful project with us:

Are Jayo Felony and Mitchy Slick Recording A Joint Album?