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For fans of Hip-Hop, many are familiar with the name Hittman.  He has the most appearances on Dr. Dre’s masterpiece, 2001.  And as of late, he has been penning a memoir, HITTStory.  In large letters at the top of his website, it reads, “Under Construction.”  However, that is not entirely true.  As he prepares new music, images, and merchandise, he has leaked excerpts from the aforementioned book.  The latest one is about how he developed his name (which stands for Hyped Intensive Tongue Talents Makin’ All Nervous).  Read up, and learn how a student of rap music and culture took what he learned and was able to create an artistic identity prominently featured on a defining album of an entire generation.

Aftermath Alumnus Hittman Releases Excerpts From His Upcoming Book