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Pioneering West Coast rapper/DJ/Producer The Egyptian Lover has released his latest album “1986”, which takes fans back to a time where jamming dance beats ruled the West before the bullets started flying on the records. 1986 is the 3rd in a series of 80’s albums Egyptian Lover has released to keep that old school style boomin’ in today’s scene.

1. Cyborg 05:32
2. Lose Control 07:33
3. Big Bad Beat 05:32
4. Cinnamon Oil Massage 05:49
5. Freaky Girl 04:42
6. Monster 04:31
7. 2 The Extreme 06:21
8. The Internet 06:09
9. Get Down 04:22
10.Volcanic 04:50
11.A Tomb Groove 03:27
12.Alien Freak 06:37

You can purchase the Digital album HERE!

The Egyptian Lover Releases New Album “1986”