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Los Angeles morns the loss of another legend. OG T. Rodgers.

Humanitarian, author, actor, producer, peacemaker, street legend, gang leader, poet, musician, director, organizer, consultant, advisor, visionary, trainer, diplomat, and the list goes on. Of adjectives that can be used to describe T Rodgers.

Born and raised in the slums of Southside Chicago, specifically in the area of 47th Street. His mother moved them to Westside of Los Angeles to the area known as Baldwin Hills when T. Rodgers was only 12. The area, also well-known as “The Jungles”, Baldwin Hills, CA, was once a Middle-Class haven for African-Americans however, since has become synonymous with gangs, drugs, violence, and murder (hence earning it the lifelong name “The Jungles”.)

Just like other young, black kids in the turbulent 1960’s and 70’s,  there weren’t many opportunities available to T., and he immediately became involved in many gang-related scenarios.

With the permission of the “Main 21” (a term used to describe the original twenty-one leaders of Chicago gangs who agreed to merge with the Blackstone Rangers), T. formed a chapter of the “Almighty Black P Stone Nation”, who at the time, and contrary to popular belief, were in fact a community-based and backed organization and not a lawless gang; somewhere along the way, unfortunately, this would change.

Rodgers, credited as a founding member of The Almighty Black P. Stone Blood Nation, has publicly been involved in ending beefs and issues between rival gangs. T. Rodgers even started programs that would help inner city youth and underprivileged families throughout the years.

Through his work as a notorious gang leader and then as a respected community leader, T. was approached to work in the film industry getting his first breakthrough role as Dr. Feelgood in 1987 with Dennis Hopper‘s now-classic, the seminal gang movie, Colors. Since then, T. has appeared in many films and television programs as well as provided technical advising to the 2001 hit Training Day starring Denzel Washington and most recently B.E.T.’s reality show Baldwin Hills.

T. Rodgers had the distinction of being one of the first ex-gang leaders to break into mainstream America via his numerous appearances in major films, television, and print.

Rest in Power OG T. Rodgers, and Lucky Rodgers. My most sincere
condolences to the Rodgers family, and all the Relatives. Peace.


Actor, and Community Activist T Rodgers passes away at 65