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Glasses Malone speaks his mind and stays true to himself at all times, even if it upsets other people. However there is always a method to his madness especially if you are paying attention. Recently someone on Twitter asked him about Lil Nas X and Glasses stated that he felt the rapper was a tool for the white establishment. This comment was retweeted by Lil Nas X who took offense to the comment and soon all hell broke loose on his Twitter mentions accusing him of being a homophobe.

In his new No Ceilings podcast just released today, Glasses further amplifies his comments and explains why he feels that way about Lil Nas X. It’s an episode that almost got him in hot water with Apple too.

Take a listen to the podcast and hear it all for yourself. You can find it at the link below:


Glasses Malone addresses viral Lil Nas X comments in new podcast!