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The Lox vs. Dipset Verzuz, was everything Hip Hop lovers would of thought and more. Verzuz was originally built with the idea of celebrating the artist in music while on the platform at the time.

It was a genius timely idea, the brain child of legendary producers Swizz Beats, and Timbaland, the idea took off during the pandemic. Hosting iconic artist from all genres of music and crushing Instagram streaming numbers in the process.

Which in turn garnered the attention of Apple Music and Triller, as well as other large companies looking to capitalize on the Hip Hop cultural phenomenon. Reports have it that several deals where previously turned down by Swizz and Tim. In an effort to regain control and influence over that platform and grow it organically and keep the original intent.

Triller, was the place that ultimately wound up landing a deal with the Verzuz brand, and have sense gone on to host more iconic presentations. However, none have yet to see the impact and rawness of this particular Verzuz. Which went from celebration to all out battle!
Both camps had there moments during the battle, but it was clear the whole time who had thoughtfully planned out the attack for the evening. The Lox, kept it all the way D Block! And Kiss and team ripped the mic, like true MC’s of the culture. Even challenging the Dipset squad to rap with no vocals in their performance tracks. Because after all, this is New York the Mecca of Hip Hop.
All in all the battle was great and ended on a positive note. With both squads showing love after their gritty challenges to each other.
This is one for the books, check out the highlights on YouTube!

Lox vs. Dipset Verzuz battle, who won ?