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For over a decade Bizzle has been pushing, carrying a message forward. Holding a torch for a sub-genre that often goes over looked. Yes, there have been moments of progress, and achievements. But the true goal of Christian Hip Hop, or CHH as it is affectionately called by its supporters, and artists within the genre. Is to spread the Gospel of Jesus to the masses.

A challenge in a world that is fallen, but one Bizzle and the God Over Money camp have never shied away from. It’s safe to say, in fact, that this independent label has stood firm over time. Consistent in their calling, to be the label, and team that continue what was started here on the West Coast, in the early 80’s.

Bizzle popped up on the national scene in 2010, when a freestyle he did, which was aimed at artist such as Jay-Z and Rick Ross, but mainly the moral compass of  “secular Hip Hop” in general started to gain attention. Not only by CHH supporters, but Hip Hop listeners, who were shocked by this, at the time, unknown artist challenging Hip Hop’s elite.

Bizzle and God Over Money, would go on to drop mixtapes and albums, that would be the soundtrack to many Christian Youth and Young adults lives throughout the 2010’s going into 2020.

It’s good to see this artist and his label mates remain and cut through, where a lot of others have made the choice or attempt, to make moves that may look as though they are wavering, or compromising in their music, and possibly their faith. Bizzle, has publicly stood firm, as a Christian, husband, father, and artist.

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