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My name is Victor Martinez, born in Los Angeles, Ca.  I remember when I first started LBTV in 2017, I didn’t have much. I was broke and trying to find a way out. I was always into music because my older brother “Lokes” always used to rap as a kid growing up. Once we started LBTV, it took off on its own. I still remember being happy over 5k subscribers and everyone looking at me like you’re celebrating over 5k? Hahaha. Who would’ve known as time went by, our subscribers would keep going up. Now we are at 405,000 Subscribers. My main goal was to help people reach the views / exposure they deserve. “Turning your dream into a reality.” That’s what I go by. I always wanted our people to get noticed. I was tired of our people not getting the recognition they deserve. There wasn’t to many channels at the time that would focus in just our Latin Community. I remember helping a lot of top artist hit their first million views. Its definitely a good feeling being able to help artist. Along the way I was able to build a solid relationship with my good friend Andy Ruiz Jr who has been a big motivation/ help in my career. He has opened a lot of doors for me. I started off with a vision of building him a YouTube channel where we film his daily life in the gym. Once he agreed, we took off with the idea and started filming almost everyday. I was blessed to go with him to Canelo’s official gym. As a kid i always grew up watching Canelo fight. Now just imagine a kid from the ghetto broke with no hope to now filming for Andy at the Canelo gym! Definitely a crazy feeling. As time went by, Eddy Reynoso which is Canelo’s trainer asked Andy if I could film a video for him. When Andy first told me I was like what? Are you for real? I couldn’t believe it. A guy like me with tattoos all over my face filming for Canelo team. Crazy right? The next day Eddy invited us over to his house and when things took off even more. Here I am now managing my own channel, Andy’s channel & now Eddy’s channel, No Boxing No Life. I am Latin Beast TV, home to Exclusive Content from a wide range of talented individuals working hard to bring their craft to the surface and share it with the world. For some time now, we have dedicated our resources to bringing light to a number of artists that have found themselves in the Shadows for a very long time. Our efforts go towards bringing people out of the underground and into the light, along with creating networking opportunities for all the artist that come to our channel. There’s a growing population of unseen and unheard talent, all they need is the proper avenues and opportunities, we’re here for them. Since 2017, Latin Beast TV has created and pushed up the bar on a very particular category of media platforms. From exclusive song releases and promotion, to behind the scenes footage and interviews on our channel’s favorites. Browse through our catalog and take a look at every diamond in the rough, you’ll see why this is the home of the Latin Beast!

Meet Victor Martinez of Latin Beast TV