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RIP to the.General aka The Mayor of Skid Row. We got the sad news that General Jeff passed away as it was decided to have his life support ended. Jeff had recently been hospitalized from heart issues and needed the help of life support after conditions gravely worsened.

General Jeff was a DJ affiliated with Uncle Jamms Army who first got his start as a part of Bobby Jimmy & The Critters. He wrote for Russ Parr aka Bobby Jimmy and even starred as the rapping roach in the popular parody song “Roaches” in the group’s song and video.

Jeff joined the duo of Rodney O  & Joe Cooley appearing in songs and album covers. Although the group kept the duo’s name in the title, Jeff played a big part in the group making it a trio. After parting from the group, Jeff remained in the industry as an assistant to DJ Quik helping the legendary producer in the studio and more. During this time, he went with Quik and his Posse to the infamous Vibe Magazine postSoul Train Awards party in Los Angeles. As they were waiting to get in the packed out venue was when shots rang out near by and people started panicking and running. During this chaotic scene, Quik was spotted outside of the venue and his name was mentioned to police who were questioning people in their in the scene investigation. Word got out that Quik was a person of interest and was wanted for questioning in the murder. Quik also wasn’t sure if Biggie’s death meant it was open season in rappers and could be a possible target himself so he and General Jeff hit the road going to places of safety until his lawyer could talk to police and work the situation out as Quik had nothing to do with the shooting. I know this story because Jeff told it to me personally when I intervene him for the L.A. Weekly.

After walking away from the industry, Jeff began his work an activist for the homeless on the Los Angeles Skid Row section. Jeff attended meetings at Cutt Hall, worked with politicians, and obtained services for the homeless. Due to his work, many of the homeless obtained meals, products, shelters and other much needed items for their survival. Jeff also stayed on the heads of the LAPD about Black Live Matters issues partaking in protests and meetings. Jeff also beat a case against him by the police in which he believed was a conspiracy by  the department due to his activism for the homeless and Black lives.

General Jeff also organized the first and only Skid Row Music Festival showcasing the likes of Public Enemy, Kurupt, Egyptian Lover, Brother J of X-Clan, Yo-Yo, Kid Frost, Lady of Rage and many other artists. The event was to bring more public awareness to homeless issues and it was held right in the middle of the Skid Row area. Thousands came out and for many it was their first time seeing the camps of homeless people in person. Jeff was dubbed the “Mayor of Skid Row” by many of the homeless for his service.

One of my favorite moments with Jeff was when the legendary group WAR was performing at a park in downtown Los Angeles. I tweeted that I was going to the  event and Jeff messaged me on my phone that he wanted to go too and to meet up with him at the park. We meet up and had a blast singing all of the classic songs together. On behalf of WestCoastStyles we offer our condolences to friends, family and associates of Jeff. Thank you Jeff for your service to the homeless of Los Angeles and for all of the unseen work for artists in the industry.

RIP to my friend, General Jeff aka The Mayor of Skid Row.

General Jeff was officially taken off life support Thursday evening Oct. 21st.





RIP to West Coast veteran and Skid Row activist General Jeff