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10 year’s ago, the West Coast super group  known as 1st Generation was set to rock the hip-hop world with that classic California gangsta sound as legends and vets such as Kurupt, King T, Jayo Felony, MC Eiht, Tha Chill, and Gangsta of The Comrads were all coming together backed by DJ Battlecat and Sir Jinx. Although a couple of songs leaked, the group never got off the ground as members were in and out of jail at the time and they could never get a complete line up going and eventually the members went off to their own projects and solo careers.

Now Kurupt, King T and Chill have taken to social media to let everyone know that the group is finally back together! A video shoot for the song Rapture is set for January 18 in Las Vegas so we will see if this is a continuation of the Sharks In The Water project or something new. It also looks like veteran behind the scenes producer Bokie Loc has joined the team as well.


Stay tuned for more details!



West Coast Super Group 1st Generation Returns After 10 Year Hiatus