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Longtime friends Yo-Yo and Problem squared off on Wednesday night (Jan. 5) in CaffeineTV’s World Series of Spades hosted by Michael Smith, Rocsi Diaz and Clint Coley. The card game tournament series has teams of celebrities facing off until a champion is crowned. This week’s pairing had two West Coast artists facing off who are very familiar with each other. Back when she was working as a DJ for KDAY in Los Angeles, Yo-Yo already a recording veteran, was the first to break Problem’s music on air, giving the then young Compton emcee his first big break. He impressed her so much that she soon took him on tour with her where he filled in doing Ice Cube’s part for the Bonnie & Clyde Theme. The Wednesday night showdown saw Yo-Yo defeating Problem to further advance in the World Series. After the loss, Problem didn’t sound too upset as he told WestCoastStyles exclusively, “Man, that’s my Queen. She believed first.”


Problem Takes On Yo-Yo In The World Series of Spades