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Los Angeles is getting ready for take over by some new giants. Joey WestSide and Deuce Mac together known as the LA Giantz have grown up in this business as the sons of West Coast recording veteran Playa Hamm of The Penthouse Playa’s Clique – a group that was once signed to the legendary Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. In addition to their father being an industry veteran. Deuce and Joey got to call DJ Quik their uncle as the Compton producing legend worked closely with their father’s group and produced their biggest hits. The boys grew up seem unique recording studio sessions and getting first-hand knowledge of the music making business straight from their father and his associates. “I am proud of these guys” says their father Playa Hamm. “Now I kind of sit back and let them do their thing and then be there when they come to me for something.”

Since establishing themselves as the L.A. Giantz, Joey WestSide and Deuce Mac have stayed true to that authentic West Coast sound inspired by the Los Angeles classics they grew up on. The group gained the backing and support of producing legend DJ Battlecat who has produced hits for Snoop Dogg and just about every major star on the West Coast. “There was a time when we were younger that he didn’t want to work with us but as we grew, we earned his respect. It wasn’t just given to us”, says Joey WestSide on the group’s relationship with DJ Battlecat.

Glasses Malone is another veteran who has taken the group under his wing. The Watts legend is featuring them on his new single “Kanye Should’ve Never Married That Bitch” which also features Suga Free. “ LA Giantz are Hip Hop royalty. Born & bred to bring pain to the industry. You’d be hard pressed to find two better emcees in all of the landscape”, says Glasses Malone about his two prodege’s. You can look forward to their upcoming EP “All I Want” and album “South Central” and joint project with Glasses Malone called “110” – album scheduled for release in 2022. One thing that is guaranteed with the L.A. Giantz is that you are going to get that authentic Los Angeles sound that you grew up loving.

Meet Joey WestSide & Deuce Mac – The L.A. Giantz