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There has always been much controversy surrounding the former Death Row CEO. If you talked to 10 different people about their relationship with Suge Knight you would get 10 different stories. One main constant that often gets overshadowed by these claims. Is, how Suge would take care of artist and their families. Yes, the record business is one that has always found a way to “stiff” the creatives out of their money. The same can be said about many operating labels and executives still to this day. But, at the height of his music industry dominance, Suge was on the front lines, giving back to the community, taking care of artists’ families, hiring relatives, and friends recently home from jail or prison giving them well-paying jobs and opportunities to get into the business in one aspect or another.

Death Row reached heights that were previously unmatched at the time amassing a label equity net worth of over 400 Million. Something Motown and the great Barry Gordy had not accomplished. This huge accomplishment deserved to be recognized and celebrated in Music Industry history and black entertainment history. Death Row had a global impact that is still relevant to this day. Artists and producers that were signed to the label or worked very closely with the label went on to sell more records, do more movies, and sign the next generation of talent that would assist in keeping the West Coast atop the charts and on the big stage.

So, Happy Birthday Suge! hope you are able to feel the love your fans and true supporters have for you, we look forward to your healthy return.

Happy Birthday to Music Business Mogul Suge Knight, turns 57 today