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This is a real treat for me growing up a fan of the L.A. Dream Team. The group comprised of Snake Puppy and Rudy Pardee (who passed away in 1998) were kings of the West before the days of gangsta rap with hits like “Rockberry Jam” and “Dream Team Is In The House” along with other jams that rocked the parties and the KDAY airwaves.

Yesterday, Snake Puppy released this new song and video “From The West” that details his roots in West Coast culture. The group no doubt deserves their flowers for paving the way for future generations to do their thing on the West Coast. The L.A. Dream Team does not get overlooked here at WCS. We salute them for their years of work here on the West Coast. Enjoy the video.

Snake Puppy of the L.A. Dream Team Releases New Song And Video “From The West”