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Jason Eric Scott, better known by his entertainment name NicNac Tha Don was born and raised in Ontario, Ca. He had a high energy infectious personality that could win over any person. Always easy to catch out of the crowd that’s how he shined. Whether he was cracking jokes, rapping, singing or hosting TV shows, NicNac was the star wherever he went. On April 23rd, 2022 the mayor of Ontario, Ca Paul S. Leon, honored NicNac with a plaque for his activism throughout the community. NicNac spoke avidly about the mistreatment of Black and Brown citizens at a time when tensions with the police were high. He organized a march and shutdown Euclid Ave. a Main Street in the City of Ontario in show of his support of the needed reconstruction of law enforcement practices not only in Ontario but in America overall.
NicNac had a personal relationship with the mayor, the two would often eat breakfast together at a local restaurant. The Mayor would also take the time out to hear form NicNac on current issues within the city. Those that were familiar with NicNac knew he had a green thumb and would garden and grow his own vegetables. When he wasn’t performing, recording or shooting a music video. He would be at home working in his garden, or training his dog. NicNac passed last year on April 21st, 2021, he was 35 years old, and had two albums he was working to complete. Rest In Peace to The Don, King of the IE, may your memory live on.


The City of Ontario honors, NicNac Tha Don for Community Activism and his work representing Black Lives Matter