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Lifestyle tech company CampNova announced it would operate as a “utility company” and provide NFT project owners and NFT IP art holders utility development services to provide real-life benefits to its NFTs. Despite the hefty 23 million assets or types of utilities attached to NFTs, most offer very little benefits. The idea of NFTs including tangible benefits in the Metaverse is not conceptual anymore.

Setting up shop at the edge of the Metaverse, CampNova co-founders, Emery Morrison and Marvin Wilcher, inaugurated the first class of “True Value” NFTs by evolutionizing the NFTs’ utilities and their uses.

CampNova IRL Utilities and True Value NFT Integrations:

  • Spirits
  • Branded Custom Coffee Blends
  • Food products
  • Software integration
  • Apparel
  • Specialty Electronics
  • Essential Oils
  • Cannabis THC
  • CBD and Delta-8
  • VIP Events and Concert Experiences

According to Morrison, for NFTs to stay relevant, the key to their success will be measured by the value of the utilities. They create an opportunity to onboard the everyday NFT-curious consumer to invest more confidently in NFTs.

“It’s more than digital art,” Morrison said. “It’s about, as a collector, getting incentivized for your investment into an NFT collection. By supplying the Metaverse with the IRL experience through NFTs we’re changing how people can invest in and access NFTs.”

Taking advantage of the tech companies’ utility services features an eclectic collection of NFT project owners and NFT IP art holders, like crypto-celebrity Spottie Wifi and his Bored Ape Yacht Club, BAYC #4065 — Gold-Rilla. Spottie and Gold-Rilla are on the verge of releasing cannabis products in California.

NFT IP Art Owners Launching IRL Products With CampNova Includes

  • Aphrodisiak By Lil’ Kim – a collection of smokeable and other products pending a formal announcement.
  • Spottie Wifi cannabis brand and other exclusive NFT IRLs.
  • Gold-Rilla BAYC #4065 – Included in the Nova Apes Collection, BAYC #4065 is a limited edition 1G Infused Pre-Roll of Pineapple OG.
  • BAYC #4639 – Included in the Nova Apes Collection, BAYC #4639 is a limited edition 1G Infused Pre-Roll of Berry Gelato.
  • BAYC #4816 – Included in the Nova Apes Collection, BAYC #4816 is a limited edition 1G Infused Pre-Roll of Lemon Runtz
  • Gutter Cat Gang, GCC #589 – Included in the Nova Cats Collection GCC #589 is a limited edition 1G Infused Pre-Roll of Watermelon Zkittles.
  • DoggTalk NFT features six limited edition 1G Infused Pre-Roll of Black Cherry OG, Lemon Cake, Berry Gelato, Mai Thai, Grape Kush, and Strawberry Shortcake. With other IRL utilities including —
    • Knotfest Roadshow with Slipknot and Cypress Hill concert tickets in partnership with Heavy Grass Cannabis Brands. The show is set for June 18 at North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista, Calif
    • Specialty Limited Edition Bourbon By Striped Pig Distillery
    • Refreshing CBD Mixers By Royalty Spirits
    • Rare Hemp Delta-8 CBD products by Queen & Pharaoh
    • Specialty Coffees by Stivers Coffee
    • Premier cannabis products from CampNova and delivery partners YamsDelivery.com



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