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  1. Also: Kurupt Exotics Cannabis Company Releasing “Kurupt Kush” and Bringing Back the OFFICIAL “Moon Rocks” Soon!!!!

Recently West Coast legend and one-half of the Dogg Pound, Kurupt spoke about a range of future endeavors at a press conference in Burbank just outside of Los Angeles.   

Coupled with a catered meet and greet for media and close associates, Kurupt fielded a few questions about the state of his music and his various business ventures.  

 Dressed in all black with shades, surrounded by bright lights, flashing cameras and a host of media outlets, Kurupt took the time to confirm previous reports about new music with Paragon Records and the newly purchased Death Row Records.

“I appreciate everybody coming out to support.  You know it’s been a long time coming and we still here. It’s a lot of good things going on, the Summer is here, thank God! And COVID is irrelevant. Happy to see people in good spirits and healthy,” Kurupt said to the packed media room.

Pushing the focus away from himself to his Paragon Records company, Kurupt explained that he was ready to drop new music and that his project Kurupt Presents 7 P’s: Tha Gotti Way was on the way in due time.

“We got a new project coming Kurupt Presents the 7 P’s Tha Gotti Way, which will be my second release on my Fat Beats deal.”

“One of the main things is this isn’t really bout myself, this is more or less about my company and being able to do the things that I love to do – which is to put out music and place it in the places it needs to be in this game! It’s time for the West Coast to start hittin ‘em with the West Coast music that people really like and love,” Kurupt said. “So you know God has blessed me with the ability to have this opportunity. My wife Lili Gotti, Fortune 5 you dig what I’m saying?

Also excited to share news about his cannabis company, Kurupt Exotics, Kurupt shared the news that a “Kurupt Kush” is on the way along with THE official Moon Rocks – no knockoffs, which he stated was a problem in the past.

“You know I got my new marijuana company that is in effect. Kurupt Exotics, we got the moon rocks and then I got another line coming called Kurupt Kush. I got a great staff with that, Fortune 5, my wife Lili and Pacman, you know putting it together.”

“You know Snoopy just purchased Death Row records, shout out to the Doggy and Harry O. They both brought Death Row back home. We have a lot of things coming. The next Dogg Food Album, Dogg Food 2. We got the Summertime, Death Row Summertime finna be hittin.  We bout to go on a back on Death Row tour, so with my project you know we are supporting everybody. That’s what Dogg demands, he demands that we all start supporting each other more with the independent projects and support each other more with the things that we are doing and that we push as a whole. You can best believe you are going to see future collaborations with my independent homies and with my homies back on Death Row.”

Aside from his second project with Fat Beats, right now you can go get a Death Row NFT – Death Row Volume 1, which is already available as an NFT, and Kurupt has six songs including “Whoopty Whoop” which is the Dogg Pound’s first single on the new project, Dogg Food 2.

Also in attendance for the event were Glasses Malone, The L.A. Giantz, and DJ Battlecat to name a few, check out the gallery below:

WCS Special: Kurupt Confirms ‘Dogg Food 2’ Album and Tour With Death Row Records This Summer