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There has been a steady buzz surrounding Hip Hop, it’s origins, correct history, and how people that are part of the community and culture can best honor it’s greats. Well, there are answers to all of this. The Universal Hip Hop Museum is being developed and has broken ground in the mecca of Hip Hop, Bronx, NY. The full Univeral Hip Hop Museum won’t be set to open until 2024. However, there is an exhibit opening right across the street from the museum site. The exhibit “The Golden Era” opens on June 28th of this year. And was developed to focus on the years 1986-1990, widely regarded as the golden years of Hip Hop during its clime to mainstream success. You can think of the Universal Hip Hop Museum as the Hall of Fame for Hip Hop culture, it’s producers, artists, and executives. Check out the groundbreaking ceremony below.


The Universal Hip Hop Museum announces Grand Opening of new exhibit “The Golden Era” located in Bronx, NY