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Comptons’ Westside Boogie just dropped his latest album “More Black SuperHeroes“. The Shady Records artist is best known for his wordplay and soulful melodic style of rap. This album adds to the West Coast’s music scene sound evolving. Introspective seems like the appropriate word. Trap soul, with melodic bridges and breaks, are filled throughout this cinematic soundscape. There are features but they are more strategic than they are clout additions. Like “CAN’T EVEN LIE” featuring Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, turns out not a bad collaboration at all. Or “AIGHT” featuring Shelley FKA DRAM a smooth banger with a catchy vibe-y hook. West Coast legend Snoop Dogg makes an appearance on “WINDOWS DOWN“. Overall, it’s a solid album with socially meaningful songs coupled with street hymns.

Westside Boogie drops new album, “More Black SuperHeroes”