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The recent murder of Jayland Walker by Akron, Ohio police is just another example of unarmed Black men being gunned down in America. The 25 year old was found to have suffered nearly 60 rounds. Some news outlets are reporting “dozens” instead of the actual number in order to soften the blow of the murder and the tensions that are rising.

Growing up Black or Brown in Los Angeles, you learn a thing or two about police brutality by witnessing it or experiencing it firsthand. You also see a division between Black and Brown Allen while still being targets of the police. Bishop Lamont is angry and is calling for the division between the races to end and to focus on preserving and protecting in a fight for rights and lives. In this new song “ Go Time”, Bishop brings together voices from both Latin and Black hip-hop communities to support his message of coming together against police injustices. Cypress Hill frontman B-Real, West Coast legend The DOC, Psycho Realm’s Sick Jacken, Mopreme Shakur brother to Tupac, and musician great Josef Leimberg all join Bishop on this Nick Speed produced track to deliver this message. It’s not to be mistaken for a call to kill police as some might aim to twist and discredit the aim of this song. But listen to the message, be alert, and protect each other.

What more can I say but press play.


Bishop Lamont Brings Black and Brown Together In A Powerful Statement Against Police Murders: “Go Time” Feat. B-Real, Sick Jacken, The DOC, Mopreme Shakur & Josef Leimberg