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It’s been a hell of a run for Compton legend Problem. He first came to my attention in 2004 when his uncle gave me his demo and persistently stayed on me until I gave it a listen -and I am glad I did. Shortly after I began premiering him on the web pages of WestCoastRydaz and we began a grassroots campaign from the ground up. Right away I could see that this young man was putting in the hard work to match his musical skill, driving hours from Compton to Palmdale to record and then to the San  Fernando Valley where I lived to drop off music to premiere.

Every year he excelled and made connections, moving up the ladder, getting songs on Los Angeles radio. Then he started writing for Snoop Dogg along with his road dogg Bad Lucc. Fun times were shared in the studio with myself, Problem, Terrace Martin, DJ Quik and others. The co-signs from legends were coming in and Problem soon found himself with more industry heavyweights thanks to his role on “Function” with E-40. The “Welcome to Mollywood” set a trend not only in L.A hip-hop but nationally as well. I could go on and on about other exploits but I would be here for awhile.

After performing at his 10 Year Anniversary Show for “Welcome to Mollywood” this past weekend, the decision was made to retire the Problem name and to go on with his government name Jason Martin. This re-branding goes beyond just music as it’s tied to new business ventures including a new Coffee and Kush lounge. Martin has also assured that new music is on the way, so I am eager to see where this takes him creatively.

So now we say goodbye to Problem and hello to Jason Martin.

Problem retires his name. Going by Jason Martin now.