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JasonMartin fka Problem carved out his own way crafting several underground classic mixtapes and writing records for legendary artists like Snoop Dogg. JasonMartin never gave up, he successfully launched his own indie label Diamond Lane Music Group, and dropped several classic songs like “Like Whaat”, ” Don’t Be Mad at Me”, “Say That Then (feat. G Malone)” and more.

This recent rebrand and move to JasonMartin began after a 10 Year anniversary of the Mollywood mixtape series. With guest appearances by EastSide K-Boy, RjMrLa, Damar Derozen, Wallie The Sensei, and more. Which was a night of celebration but more of a closing of chapters and the launching of JasonMartin.

The new album is definitely different and feels creative, introspective. The substance and topics are relative and relatable. You can feel JasonMartin who in my opinion has matured and is open to a wider variety of conversation and topic points within the music. This transition is appropriate and hats off to JasonMartin for having the gull to evolve and add something special and personal to the game. Give the album some play time!

JasonMartin fka Problem, drops second visual form highly anticipated album “I Owe Myself”, “FUPAYME” is the vibe for the summer