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Family history dictated that Tiffany M. Hobbs would make her own way as an artist. A poet, journalist, and photographer, Tiffany has carved that way with an honesty that is equal parts brutally bare and beautifully humble. She has collaborated with notable artists and appeared as a featured artistic contributor in Ebony Magazine, Gawker, on forums, albums, panels, and through vigorous displays of community activism. Hailing from Queens, NY, but raised in the South Bay, Tiffany has resided in the Leimert Park neighborhood of South Central, Los Angeles, for the last 9 years, where she works continuously to edify her community by celebrating the beauty of blackness and other persons of color with her art and words.

What I love about her work is her ability to capture areas of Los Angeles and can bring out the beauty of something in painful surroundings: people living life. In La-La land any photographer can go camp out at places where celebrities hang out at but Tiffany does her work where most of them are afraid to step foot. Take a look at her work below. If you would like to hire her for any projects, you can reach her on Instagram at @heytiffogrophy.
The Photography of L.A.’s Tiffany Hobbs