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“Ammar Sharif” born & raised in Los Angeles, CA better known as “Ammar Sings” A Singer-Songwriter & Producer began his career musically, at the age of 9. Ammar Sings had many influences to name a few, his uncle “La Nash”, Step pops, “Dizzy Boy”, Brother “Le Finn” and 4 Major artist, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, Ryan Leslie & last but not least Usher. Ammar Sings fell in love with the creation of music after taking his first listen to “U remind me” off of Usher’s “8701” Album. Ammar Sings began to pray to God to be blessed with a voice to sing, which led to a everyday yearn. Ammar Sings started to teach himself more and more, in which he eventually developed his own sound without noticing. It became second nature. He became so confident in his sound that other well-respected artist & producers took notice, to the well-versed producer-singer-songwriter.

Now in 2020 Ammar Sings aka “damthatsafamebeat” has already worked with names such as LeFinn, La Benji, Swizzy, RG, Baby Slick, BG Knocc Out, Compton Menace, Kartoon, WackDuse, Jr Layz, Low The Don, No G52D, Banc Calif, Slim 400, Killa Twan, Figg Newton, Mikeyy 2yz, K. Young, Spider Loc, Skinny Kenny, Wattshomiequan, GiTheKid, Jaray Music, Compton AD, Kay B, Glasses Malone, and many many more. Ammar Sings is ready to take on the industry, and take the world by surprise. Ammar Sings goal is to gain recognition as one of the greatest to do it and revive R&B music. He is recreating 90’s era R&B love music. Stay tuned! He says he’s the King Of R&B Music, and will prove it. On his debut album “Sex Season”. Find more music from Ammar Sings on Apple Music.

Twitter: @Ammarsings
FB: @Ammarsings
Los Angeles native Ammar Sings is slatted to bring R&B back, with the release of “Yoni”