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Members of the WCS staff chopped it up with Tash from the legendary group Tha Liks, and went in-depth on his fantastic career. From being on the road with Al Green at a young age to being a founding member of the group mentioned above, we got into it all. Plus, we got an inside perspective on his thoughts behind the West Coast vs. East Coast rivalry in the ’90s and how he didn’t let that stop his relationships and working with East Coast rappers while being at Loud Records.

Tash also gets into his singles catalog and talks about how he wanted to show how versatile he was on the mic. Additionally, he discusses feeling his ability was up there with the best of them and how he tried to separate art from life during the coastal rivalry.

With longevity comes evolution, and Tash talks about what went into the group changing their name to Tha Smokaholiks and getting into the marijuana industry. And in one of his more exciting road stories, he discusses his time on the road with rock band Sugar Ray and being the only hip hop act on that tour and how it benefited the group.

Plus, The Ohio native touches on also where he came from and how he overcame some challenges to get to where he is, and how that knowledge is valuable today. And not only personally but professionally as well. He is also working with a new artist and has ventured into managing that act. The promising talent also happens to be tapped in with some of today’s new hot rappers. Therefore, it will be exciting to see what will come of it all.

All of this and more in the video below!

WCS Exclusive: Tash of Tha Liks Speaks About Keeping the Funk Alive