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$ick Uli, iamBillyDee, Mason King, and NXXTEDXXWG are not a group but a collective that met on the blacktop of one of the upcoming producers in the LA scene, Producer Ai. This particular track pays homage to the Funk OG’s in the game, bands such as  The Dramatics to Parliament, which make up a lot of West Coast hip-hop tracks and is where the popular term “G – Funk” comes from. G-Funk was popularized in the mid-to late 90’s  with the commercial tag, “Gangsta Rap”. Ruthless Records, Death Row Records, Rap-A-Lot Records,  and Priority, Interscope as well as Universal. All profited through selling, of the genre. .

“Dedicated To The Funk” is a celebration of Los Angeles culture at it’s core. With a blend of ethnicity and a screen-cast that displays the real Los Angeles.

Indie Spotlight: $ick Uli, IamBillyDee, Mason King, NXXTEDXXWG Are “Dedicated To The Funk”