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SeeFor Yourself, Poseyedon, and Burger, have released their latest animated music video titled “Armpits”. The music video features the three emcees rapping about their experience of getting high. As the song progresses, they start experiencing hallucinations and strange sensations, including sinking into the carpet and losing the feeling in their armpits.

The music video is a creative and humorous depiction of the experience of getting high and losing oneself in culinary fantasies. The emcees rap about their cravings for ice cream sandwiches, and low-fat snacks. The video is produced with high-quality animation and vibrant colors, making it a visual treat for viewers.

Seefor Yourself - Armpits ft. Burger, Poseyedon
New Video from Seefor Yourself “Armpits” ft. Burger and Poseyedon