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This past Friday in Los Angeles, Berner and his Cookies brand threw a massive Smokeout in Koreatown on Olympic. Featuring partner brands like Xzibit’s Napalm and Fidel, the Summer Smokeout was a great time that featured free products and goodie bags for the first 200 entrants.

With a line that stretched out about a quarter of a mile down the block, bending and turning corners, the crowd stayed positive despite some of the entrants getting there at 7:30 Am and waiting until 9 Pm to enter the event.

One of the coolest parts of the event was the hand-rolled blunts where Cookies had professional blunt rollers on deck hooking up partygoers with massive blunts stuffed with the Cookies flavored bud.  Using paintbrushes, blunt glue, a rolling tool, and a glass tip, this might have been the highest I’ve been in a while. 😈

The event also featured DJ sets from Bootleg Kev, Printz, Mishaps, BigSyphe and Gargamel who kept the hits coming, and took the time to spin Xzibit records as the West Coast legend made an appearance for his Napalm brand.

We will definitely be following Cookies more closely after this event. We always knew they had high-quality rapper weed, but this truly proved their brand loyalty with the fans and consumers.

There was one SUPER-fan of the Cookies brand that we spoke to while we were at the party and he recently lost both of his parents over the past few years. Following the separate tragedies of losing his parents, he turned to Cookies weed for therapy and found light in the Cookies brand. His loyalty and patronage to Cookies stores have given him peace, hope, and resilience as he continues on without his loved ones. While he still mourns, he’s found solace in Berner’s weed and there’s something truly amazing in that story.

His story truly was a testament to the value derived from this brand – it goes well beyond just getting high and loaded on high-quality herbs. Cannabis truly is a mental health resource for so many and Cookies has proven it can be that crutch or that shoulder to cry on in times of need weed. Berner has been a pioneer in providing that resource for fans, so salute to Berner and his brand for taking the weed game to new HIGHS.


Berner’s Cookies Brand Throws Summer Smokeout in LA