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I spent the evening at The Gritty Ark.  I had a really dope conversation about sound and new 3D sound technology with Aftermath producer and Hip Hop legend DJ Silk.  All while Yung Gritty’s producer, Vision, played cinematic sound beds, causing everyone in the room to make a stank face! #truestory

There is no doubt that there is something special happening.  I consider it a shift in West Coast Hip-Hop culture.  One that isn’t just about the music.  It’s as much about the people and the character of a man.

Hip-Hop mogul and Long Beach, CA, Low Life affiliate Frank Nitty put together the evening.  He mentored Yung Gritty and producer Vision into a tandem that Hip-Hop as a whole will have to recognize and respect.

Yung Gritty’s ability to deliver rhythmic cadences and witty wordplay over these hard-hitting melodic vision beats is mesmerizing.  The music created hits the souls of listeners in a different way.  They cause the listener to think and feel from the substance within the music.  You walk away from the listening experience with a sense of enlightenment and wisdom.

Yung Gritty is a very focused and charismatic young man who is clear about his Hip-Hop mission and journey.  He speaks with confidence, and humility, which is a breath of fresh air with today’s current artists.

The people are calling him “The Mexican Goat”. Something he says he understands completely. But he isn’t concerned about titles.  The focus is on delivering universal Hip-Hop that can relate to all kinds of people.

“The Mexican Goat” moniker is perhaps derived from Yung Gritty not falling into the typical “Chicano Rap” stereotype.  But instead, it’s about having the lyrical skill and vocal ability to speak about life, principles, and loyalty.

I will be the first to say; I feel Yung Gritty cannot only live up to the moniker “The Mexican Goat” but also impact West Coast Hip-Hop on a larger scale.  It brought that feeling back, like hearing Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle for the 1st time, or Xzibit body a Dr. Dre instrumental, or BattleCat-produced beat.

However, in contrast to the aforementioned perfect party soundtracks, this time, there is a clear direction, substance, soul reviving, and uplifting game.  There is something authentic and special happening with the GrittyStyle team.  They will impact Hip-Hop in a significant way.

Shout out to Frank Nitty, Yung Gritty and Vision, for allowing me to spend time with them and vibe.  I’m looking forward to Spaceship Music II.  Spaceship Music out now on all platforms #tapin



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In Studio; Yung Gritty speaks and previews new music from Spaceship Music II

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