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2020 proved to be a very trying year. Whether it was the vitriol in politics or the health concerns involving Covid, a lot of people chose to retreat to the comfort of themselves. Well, that’s at least what MC Random did on his latest project entitled Hibernation. When we caught up with him at the Flourish & Prosper headquarters, he expressed the motivation for his project.

“Well, because of the lock down, I had a lot of down time,” he began to explain. “I mean, me and Chop Lui are always banging out beats and songs but because of all the quarantine and stuff, I began to listen to music of my past with a different ear. I am the product of early boom bap and I felt something tugging at me to create something my idols would be proud of…I dunno, i just felt real nostalgic on this album.”

He goes on to say that he just decided to “hibernate” and do what he loves without any outside interference, and the product of that is an old school love letter to Hip Hop filled with the sounds and feels of yesteryear. He likes to say that he injected the project with 5100 cc’s of severe boom bappery but it’s not just the lyrics. The music…the mix…the feel. He tapped into his natural instinct to just let the project breathe life on its own, and with certain standout tracks such as the title track “Hibernation”, the collab tracks he has with Apakalips, Quaz, and Medusa the Gangsta Goddess, this project definitely LIVES.

Already thinking of is next project, MC Random does seem to feel a special bond with this one in particular. “I mean the year was not the best honestly…lots of people lost jobs and their lives…but in the end of the day, Hip Hop is gonna be there for me now the same way it was when I was younger. So, if a project like this inspires or reminds an old head how precious this thing of ours is then it was a positive exchange…plus the Lakers and the Dodgers got the chip! We gonna be alright!”

Hibernation is a Hip Hop experience that can be enjoyed by all and MC Random hopes it can cut through and be listened to. To listen to him play it and talk about it, you would swear you were in a Delorian car from Back to the Future…but are we going back or forward in time? Give Hibernation a listen and find out…

Hibernation is streaming on all digital platforms. https://smarturl.it/MCRandomHibernation


MCRandom - Hibernation
MC Random Goes Boom Bap To The Future On “Hibernation”