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DJ Pooh is undeniably a pillar in hip-hop. Four decades in, he has produced classic songs for LL Cool JKing TeeSnoop Dogg2PacIce CubeTha Dogg Pound and others. Coming up as a DJ for the legendary West Coast DJ crew of Uncle Jamm’s Army, Pooh’ historical production on LL Cool J’s 1987 release Bigger & Deffer, would cement him as a true pioneer.

With the release of Rockstar Game‘s GTA 5: The Contract, DJ pooh sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine to talk about how he introduced Dr. Dre to the Grand Theft Auto series a few years ago, and through having a presence in the GTA world for over a decade Pooh was able to bring Dr. Dre and Rockstar Games’ co-studio head Rob Nelson together.

Check out the full interview between DJ Pooh, Rob Nelson and Rolling Stone Magazine here.

DJ Pooh Talks Introducing Dr. Dre To ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Video Game, Bringing Rockstar Games & Dre Together, GTA 5: The Contract + More With Rolling Stone Magazine