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Los Angeles (Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022) — DoggTalk NFT announced it had inked a limited edition smoking device partnership with Genius Pipes as an NFT utility for DoggTalk’s Lovers & Gangster. On the verge of minting, DoggTalk NFT already has an expansive collection of real-life utilities featuring infused cannabis pre-rolls, gourmet coffee, premium spirits, and live concert and festival experiences.

“Since DoggTalk’s inception,” said Emery Morrison, co-creator of DoggTalk NFT. “We’vebeen on a mission to innovate and empower NFTs. This collaboration with Genius Pipes reflects our commitment to continue curating high-quality products and experiences for our collectors and investors. When you include DoggTalk in your wallet, you can access
the enhanced Genius Pipes for an experience that is superior to none.”

Unlike other smoking devices, there’s something elegant about the pocket-sized pipe that shouldn’t be confused with a vaporizer or bong. The DoggTalk Genius Pipe will feature four characters from its self-titled NFT collection of carefully curated products.

“DoggTalk is a brand that has such cool artwork, story line, culture and experience,” Dyan Ferman CEO of Genius Pipes said. “This is a no-brainer for us to team up and share this with both our retail and customers around the world.“

DoggTalk NFT Genius Pipe Noteworthy Highlights
● Classy, sleek, and sexy design.
● Pocket-sized and ready to go.
● Just slide and smoke.
● It keeps materials discreetly stored in the chamber and ready for use.
● Prevents odor leaks.
● Preserves flavors and aromas.
● Brings out authentic flavor and aroma for each strain.
● The inside churns particles through its micro-vortices for extreme cooling and
water-free filtration.
● It doesn’t waste cannabis.
● Easy cleaning.

The Genius Pipe has received the highest reviews:

High Times called it “revolutionary.”

Herb described the Genius Pipe as “science meets art.”

GQ said, “One of the best ways to make an adult-acceptable pipe? Make sure it doesn’t look like a pipe at all.”

About DoggTalk Gangsters & Lovers/DoggTalk NFT: DoggTalk Gangsters & Lovers, DTGL, is an NFT from the developers of California tech lifestyle platform CampNova. By breaking the fourth wall, the DoggTalk NFT innovates the blockchain by providing the NFT community with true value NFTs with real-life, IRL utilities that include unique
experiences and investment opportunities.

DoggTalk NFT is a sci-fi/fantasy adventure of 8222 extremely rare NFTs that explores the morals of love and violence in a world ruled by Doggs. The Doggs’ dog-eat-dog world is divided into eight breeds of Doggs, who either love, kill, or sometimes, both.

Living in the Doggs’ world, ruled by love and violence, there is a grandiose demonstration of morality over the other. In Doggtopia, every Dogg answers and live by choice of being a lover or a gangster. DoggTalkNFT.com


About Genius
Genius is a modern cannabis lifestyle brand built around its flagship innovation, the Genius Pipe. Genius Pipe is the ultimate cannabis tasting pipe, selected by elite connoisseurs of fine herb for its unique cooling and filtering functionality and ultra-stylish design.

Available in a variety of styles, including bespoke models with custom engraving.  Genius lifestyle platform also features High-End CBD products, fashionable wear and accessories.

Genius Pipe has been providing premium products in the United States and abroad since 2014 and has been featured in GQ Magazine, The Daily Beast, High Times, Touch of Modern and endorsed by many influencers in music, sports, business and fashion. GeniusPipe.com

About CampNova: CampNova is a lifestyle e-commerce, technology platform developed by experienced entrepreneurs. A premier NFT, cannabis and CBD destination. CampNova features brands, product audio and video content, and limited-edition exclusive releases from NFT Projects, celebrities featuring pro-athletes, actors, and influencers. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif.


Genius Pipes and DoggTalk Unveil New Product Collab

Genius Pipes and DoggTalk Unveil New Product Collab

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