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West Coast Pioneer Dazzie Dee returns with another single “Daddy Daughter Day” featuring his daughter Chocolate
Dazzie Dee Discusses What Chuck D Told Ice Cube When He Left N.W.A, Lench Mob Formation, “Baking Soda” LP + More On Unique Access
Dazzie Dee sits down with Soren Baker on Unique Access show to pay tribute to the legendary Coolie
Mike Mosley Talks E-40’s “In A Major Way”, Working With C-Bo On “Gas Chamber” & “Realer Than Real” + More On Unique Access Interview
RBX Discusses Why He Never Signed To Death Row Records, Underestimating ‘The Chronic’, The Genius Of Dr. Dre, Working With Eminem + More On Unique Access Interview
Brother J Discusses XClan’s “To The East, Blackwards” Album Cover & Selection Of Historical Figures Who Appear
K-Dee On Fitting In With Westside Connection Features, Working With Ant Banks & CJ Mac On “Make Money”, Collaborating With Devin The Dude + More On Unique Access Interview
ProHoeZak Talks Signing To Tandem Records & How He Got Into Producing, New Music Coming With Too Short, Mount Westmore, Kurupt + More On Unique Access
K-Dee Talks ‘Ass, Gas Or Cash’ Album, Picking “Hittin’ Corners” As A Single, Mack 10 Wanting To Change His Verse On “H-O-E-K”, Working With Bootsy Collins + More On Unique Access
Shorty B Tells Story Of Helping Eazy-E Break Into His Car, Explains Why Too Short Didn’t Freestyle & Reveals “Buy You Some” History + More On Unique Access Interview

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