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A Deep Dive into Beatmaking with Chop Lui: His Evolution, Tools, and Techniques

Beatmaking is an intricate art form, blending technical precision with boundless creativity. Chop Lui, a name that has been resonating in the industry for quite some time now, recently shared some insights into his journey, his tools, and the nuances that separate a beatmaker from a producer.

The MPC Live 2 Era
Every artist has their instrument of choice, and for Chop Lui, it’s the MPC Live 2. This machine boasts a slew of features perfect for modern-day beatmakers: from its touch screen interface to its built-in speaker which facilitates on-the-go beatmaking. Not to mention, it can operate unplugged, with a commendable battery life of around three hours.

Chop Lui’s Nostalgic Beginnings

Every beatmaker’s journey is punctuated with stages of evolution and change. Chop Lui started his tryst with music via the MTV Music Generator, later migrating to Acid Pro. While discussing his creative process, he revealed the fluidity in his approach. Whether it’s beginning with a catchy sample or laying down the drum tracks first, the creative process varies each time.

Sampling: An Art in Itself

During our time with him, Chop Lui showcased a slow-tempo sample he’s considering for his next beat. While it seemed slow, he hinted at possibly pitching and chopping it up, giving listeners a glimpse into the transformative journey a sample undergoes before it becomes part of a track.

Beatmaker vs. Producer: The Eternal Debate
The internet is rife with debates over the distinction between a beatmaker and a producer. Weighing in on the debate, Chop Lui believes he dons both hats. While a beatmaker focuses on creating beats, a producer oversees the entire song production.

A Preference for ‘Machine’
While many in the industry swear by Fruity Loops, Chop Lui’s heart lies with ‘Machine’. The resemblance of its 16 pads to the MPC is a major draw for him, making it a more intuitive experience.

The Beauty of Collaborative Creation
For Chop Lui, nothing beats the energy of creating a track live with an artist in the studio. Though modern demands sometimes necessitate remote collaborations, the magic that’s brewed when artists share a space is irreplaceable.

From DJing to Beatmaking
Tracing back to his roots, Chop Lui revealed that he started his musical journey in DJing during high school, eventually transitioning to beatmaking in his mid-20s. His associations with significant figures like Air 51 played a pivotal role in this transition.

The Importance of Mixing
Chop Lui stressed the evolution in his methodology over the years. From a non-technical approach in the early days, he has transitioned to a phase where he understands the power of mixing in Pro Tools to achieve that perfect sound.

Crafting a Beat Live
As a treat for his audience, Chop Lui previewed a beat he’s currently working on, seamlessly integrating different elements to produce a captivating track.

Connecting with Chop Lui
For those inspired and intrigued, Chop Lui is reachable on Instagram under the handle @chop_lui_51_beats. He graciously acknowledges the ‘Beats in 10’ platform for hosting him.

In the world of beatmaking, every artist has a unique voice and journey. Chop Lui’s path, punctuated with growth, learning, and passion, serves as an inspiration for many aspiring beatmakers out there.


Beats In Ten Making a Beat with Chop Lui
Beats In Ten – A Deep Dive into Beatmaking with Chop Lui: His Evolution, Tools, and Techniques (Episode #01)

Beats In Ten – A Deep Dive into Beatmaking with Chop Lui: His Evolution, Tools, and Techniques (Episode #01)

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